Tips for the beginners for playing Bullet force

If you are a beginner then you will need to know everything related to Bullet force. You will have to act like a professional gamer and use your weapons properly. Learn all the skills which you can apply and for that you can also go through several tutorials before you begin. So here in this article, some of the basic tips are mentioned.

Reloading: Reloading of the cartridges is done after one or two kills so always make sure you are reloading the cartridges as quickly as you can and make sure you are staying in a covered area when you are doing it. Whenever you will notice that your enemies coming near you make sure you are running back and you’re reloading in that time and then you will have to attack. Standing at an open position and reloading will give your enemies the opportunity to aim at your head. If the gun is not reloaded then you can also use the knife for killing your opponent.

White Sniper light: Whenever you will notice that a white light is emitted from a weapon then be sure that it is a sniper so make sure you are not standing still at one position or going towards your enemy. Always run in a different direction by using a tactical approach.

Throwable: You will get a lot of throwables which are available in this game like grenades, smoke, shurikens, flashback. You can use the flashback for effectively blinding your enemy for a certain time and during that time you can aim at them and kill them. Extra throwables can be obtained if you use a bullet force hack apk.

Gun extras: You will need a muzzle break if the recoiling of your gun is giving you a hard time. If you want to kill your enemy without drawing their attention then you will need to opt for the silencer.

There will be a certain weapon whose accuracy and firepower will get reduced due to the use of a silencer.

Headshots: Headshots will allow you to easily kill your enemy. If you have a good weapon then it will need one shot otherwise you will have to perform at least two shots for killing them. For a headshot, you will need a good scope so that you can easily aim at their head without missing it. If you are failing to make the headshots then make sure you are using the bullets on their neck first in order to make them kneel down and then perform the headshot.

These are some small tips on this game. In this game you will be using different types of guns so make sure you have a detailed knowledge about each of them. Do not pick the guns hastily and make sure you have knowledge about each of them. You can also use Bullet force cheats in order to proceed in this game quickly. This game is said to have low chances for you to win but if you can implement the right strategies then both survival and winning this game becomes easier.

Things you can do in growtopia

Growtopia is a very dense and vast game so you need to know about certain things in order to proceed. As it is a creative game so you need to know the features properly. In this article, three features of this game are stated.

Three features of this game

Splicing: This is a synonym of crafting in growtopia. In order to create new blocks of different types, you will have to split two varieties of seeds together in order to make or harvest a new tree. So you will have to plant the first seed and then again the other seed on growing sapling. Whenever you will be splicing different kinds of seeds it will help you to bring more varieties and you will get informed for your success. And if it is not possible then you will be notified and you will get the unused second seed. You can categorize the seeds and item into tiers. The tiers are an item which is required for creating new things.

Doors: The doors in growtopia come with four properties. First is the target world. This is used for indicating the destination where the door will take the player. When you will insert a name of your world then it will send a person to the door present in destination world. You will have to provide the ID and the player will go to the place that is having the similar ID. Whenever you will link and ID with the colon it will indicate a particular type of door that belongs to another world. You can use the display label that will help you to customize the things which will be displayed to the people who are standing near the door. So when you don’t want your ID to get public, you can use this one. ID acts as an identifier in this case.

Locks: Locks are the vital part of this game and it is self-explanatory. It is used in order to drive away the players who are trying to manipulate the space or is trying to take the belongings of a player by protecting the world. In default condition, a normal lock will try to protect the area. You can easily alter the area which is under the protection by using ID not empty area choice. In this way, you can create customizable spaces by disconnecting all the locks which are present with its surrounding the other blocks. This enables you to create a shape which you desire. You can also place wall clock in order to grant the permission for access to only particular people to a particular space.

These are the few important things about this game which you should get acquainted with. You need to be very much clever when it is about using a particular option. Strategizing well and having patience is the two keys of surviving till the last in any building game. You can also use the growtopia hack in order to proceed quickly in this game. It will help you to get the access to more gems and rare items by using this option.

How to play Free fire Battleground?

Free fire Battleground is the ultimate battle game which any gamer would love to play. If you are a beginner, then you will need some walkthrough into the game.

How to play the game?

The game starts with the players parachuting on the isolated island and the only way one can survive this is by killing the rest of the people on the island.

There is a time limit of 10 minutes, and the battleground keeps shrinking every minute so you must do everything in the 10minutes until there is no place to run. You must make a wise decision and eliminate the competition.

The characters in the game are different and can be customized according to the wish of the player. Choose the characters wisely with the kind of specifications which you want in your character. You must upgrade your characters as and when you can. Initially, you will not have many characters to choose from, but later in the game when you acquire other characters, you can easily interchange.

You have many weapons to choose from too. Change your weapons whenever you want to shoot depending if the enemy is near or far.

Covers are very important in the game so always stay undercover and hide in ditches and bushes. Crouching and sprinting will minimize the exposure so lesser chance of any attack.

The minimap is very important to locate the area of Safe zone demarcated in white and orange areas where there is gun firing and are dangerous. You can take your chance and go to the dangerous area and kill all the enemies at once. But you can try other way and wait for the players to fight among themselves while you hide and when you find the right opportunity kill all the wounded players.

You must always be well armed for going into the battle. Look for helmets and other armors in the battleground. It reduces damages from the headshots thus keeping you alive. You will need to use a bag pack to collect all the loot items. Also keep a look on hackers, people use hacks from websites such as to cheat the game and ruin other players’ experience.

There are vehicles on the island. You can use jeep as a nice vehicle for moving. The vehicle can be used to kill enemies also. The vehicle makes noise so you must be aware that the opponents do not blow it up. Take small drives across.

The main thing in the game is as a team. Play with your friends and use help whenever needed and share weapons and medical kit to increase survival.

MMORPG- Rohan: Blood Feud

Few free MMORPGs warrant enough attention for me to write about, mainly because free to play MMOs lack the great features of pay to play MMOs, with annoying advertisements that disrupt gameplay. Rohan: Blood Feud is one of the few F2P games that has an interesting weapon system, fun quests, great graphics, and a large community that keeps the players coming back.
There are tons of free MMOs, but most are lacking certain elements or keep the player from enjoying the game without some sort of payment. While I’m aware that the companies need to make money, there seems to be a level of dishonesty in saying a game is F2P when in fact very few features are available as fully free. I may come across as a bit cheap, but I am a pretty ardent believer not paying monthly for an online game, mainly because I don’t want to forget that my card is still getting charged long after I got bored playing.

Rohan exceeds my expectations of a typical free to play MMO; it doesn’t seem like they exclude the non-paying player from features in any way: you are free to go about exploring the area, taking quests at your character’s appropriate level, teaming with other people, and striving for better armor and weapons. It has pretty much everything you want in an MMO. The online community is pleasant enough as well; I didn’t see people getting called noobs all the time, and the guild that I was immediately invited to when I started answers all of my questions with patience and understanding. It was pretty refreshing not to be lambasted just because I was new to the game and didn’t know exactly where everything was.The forging system is one of the most unique I’ve seen in an MMORPG in a while. Whereas other games dictate what you can craft and forge depending on your skill level and if you have the appropriate materials, you can forge your armor or weapons with success. Rohan employs the game of chance, and combing weapons to create more powerful ones only requires gold and a bit of luck. This can either make you very happy or drive you crazy. It’s great when you take a chance to combine two swords to create an even better one, but you can lose those two in the process, so you better have some backup weapons on hand, not to mention the patience to try again.

Graphics have come a long way the past few years, and even F2P MMOs look great. Rohan has a terrific level of detail, especially in the cities. Every race has something of a capital city that captures the culture and heritage of that race. The humans have large, grandiose cities with large white spires and busy markets, half-elves have green and natural cities that harmonize with the forests, and the giant folk have the harsh desert cities.

If you are like me, you are always on the lookout for great F2P MMOs that create a great gaming experience for their players, Rohan is definitely worth checking out; with great graphics, a fun gaming environment, and no cost to you, you’ve got little lose and a lot of fun to gain.

Clash royale hack – Get resources of clash royale for free

Finding a way to get gems without paying anything, you are at the right place then. We will tell you how you can get them. Clash royale hack is that way. Many of your friends and other users are taking help of it. But they might not have informed you about this secret. It is used by millions of players around the world. The game in itself is enjoyable to play, but it’s not straight to get gems. That’s what most of the players have complained.

The game is designed to develop some strategic approach to get all of them but what players are experiencing is the only difficulty. Thus, thousands of players were tired of wasting money. But to ensure that these players do not feel bored and can have fun, clash royale hack tool was introduced. It proved very beneficial for the players as it has eased the need of their without any difficulty.

The hack is the simplest way to fill your game account with hundreds of gold and gems. Anywhere and anytime, you can use it. But don’t use it daily as you may get caught by the developers. Because they track your game account and if it is filled with resources then it may create doubt in their mind. The developers easily catch any suspicious activity of the users and they immediately ban their account. So, it is good to use it only when you are in need of gems. Thus, the process will look natural, and it will keep you away from the process of getting banned.

This much information about clash royale hack is not sufficient to search for the one. Before landing on any site make sure that you will get what you need. Many sites are just for show, and they don’t offer the real gems, and users are left with a message showing oops! Timeout. It would be very disappointing for you if you came to know that all your effort has gone waste. But it doesn’t mean that every site will pop up this message. At some sites, you will get the real gems as well.

Remember not to tell your secret to anyone. Keep it within you and let others scratching their head how did you get gems so easily? You will become a champion in their eyes, and they will keep on finding the answer of how did you do that?

Search for the clash royale hack in this way:

Look for the latest version of hack

Look what they offer, do they offer only gems or gold or all of the resources?

Do they have SSL security?

Do they work?

Read the player’s review

Look whether they complete your request in real-time or deliver your request the next days

These are some of the critical points to look into before you use the clash royale hack tool. But if you don’t do that, be ready to bear loss which could be banning of your game account, All the best for your journey in clash royale.

A complete guide for trading in Simcity BuildIt

Simcity BuildIt, an interesting game among the video game players, has now won the hearts of mobile players as well. A game is all about building a city just like you see in the real world. As a builder, it will be the responsibility of the player to serve their residents with all kinds of services that you see in real world. It is like a real world where you have to construct the city, buy and sell materials, attract customers to live in your residential buildings.

As a builder, you will require manufactured materials, goods and other products to construct buildings. Your society should have parks and schools for children, hospitals, police departments, water tanks and other services so that your residents feel happy and safe in your area. It is game where you can develop organizing skills and trading skills to deal with the other players.

Players feel annoying because of the in-app purchase that is one way to get SimCash. Another way is to sell and buy your goods on the global market. There are thumb rules for trading in SimCity BuildIt.

Thumb rules of trading in Simcity BuildIt by using a Simcity Buildit Hack iOS

Players can sell items once the population of residential zone reaches to 8000. If it reaches to 10000, players can buy items in the global market. Players can also advertise their items for selling them. Other players will see items, and if they are in need of them, then they will buy. If no player is interested in buying your products, then they will sell automatically at a price according to NPC. Players should not spend simcash to clear the queue of products that you had posted for advertisement.

Never sold items manufactured in stores. Only sell the items if they are in surplus. Save the products because you may need them later for up gradation of the building.

If you are buying goods then always buy those which are manufactured at the stores. Look for the store manufactured goods offered by other players.

Deals are often displayed on your mobile screen. In deals, you will be asked to trade for certain items. If you think that deals are worthy then grabbing it otherwise leaves them.

One key point to remember that you can save deals for future use. Click on some other point on the screen instead of clicking on “no thanks.”

Selling and buying guidelines

Never set maximum prices for basic items like steel or wood. In some cases when you will have these products in excess than to get rid of them give them to your friends. Otherwise, in the end, you will have to spend one simcash to get rid of them.

Price table in SimCity BuildIt

Here is the list of all items that player can sell. A player can keep the price of any item as low as $1. Most players keep the average price for their items. Every item in SimCity buildIt has maximum price range up to which a player can sell their product. For example:

Wood- the starting selling price of wood is $15, and it can reach up to a maximum price of $20.

Textile- starting price is $67, and the maximum price goes up to $90.

Vegetables – starts from $120 and can go up to a maximum price of $160.

Sugar and spice- $82 is the starting price, and maximum is $110.

Storage bar- available at the minimum price of $487 and a maximum is $650.

Planks- available at $90 and can reach up to a maximum range of $120.

So, these were the minimum and maximum selling price of few items of Simcity BuildIt. You have to wisely decide whether to sell your products or not and thus you can effectively play the game with the items you need for your city.

New info related to Facebook Hack


New info related to Facebook hack

Facebook is one of the top social networking sites which are used by people from all over the world. You know what this website make its significant place in the heart of users. People are using this website to get connected with their friends who are living in the different parts of the world. It has also huge number of features which are really attracting the more and more users. People can easily send messages for free to anyone and also share their memories with them. Now a new feature is also introduced that you can share stories which can be last longer for 24 hours. There are many people who love to do pranks and fun with their friends. With the help of Facebook hack they can hack the accounts of their friends and do pranks with them. As well as doing pranks it is also helpful for the people who want to make an eye on the accounts of their friends or family.


No tutorial or guide required

There are many people who want to use the hacking tools but they can’t do this due to its difficult process. If you are one of them then you don’t need to worry about this. People who want to hack a Facebook account they don’t need to be professional hackers. They can use Facebook hack tool and hack any of the account on Facebook. You can see that the process of hacking tools is hard and you have to know about some special skills. Such hacking tools provide some tutorial and guide by which you can know about the process and then use the tool for hacking your desired account. You have to spend more time and efforts for this complicated process. If you are using the Facebook hack then you don’t need any tutorial or guide to access this.


Positive aspects about Facebook hack

There are many people who want to hack the account of their friends and relatives and want to know about their personal messages and chats. It is a known fact that hacking a Facebook account is not easy and you need a perfect hacking tool to do this. You can see that most of the people are forgot the password of their account and it is really a troublesome situation. Facebook hack is also useful to get your account back without making more efforts. Most of the people are facing this situation and they are worried about this. If you also forgot the password of your account then you should use this hacking tool to get back the access to your account. This hacking tool is also used by the people who want to make an eye on the social activities of their friends and relatives. If you have no time for learning the aspects of hacking then you can use this hack tool. without having any knowledge or skills, you are able to hack any account on Facebook quickly

Hay Day Cheats: Play The Game With More Excitement

Games are the best source of enjoyment and a person can collect some memorable moments by playing video games. Now youngsters and kids are crazy about games and there are a plenty of games are present which are playing by them. If we talk about the most played games then Hay Day stands on good position. This is an exciting game in which player take acre the farm of his uncle because his uncle is can’t tolerate the headache of a huge responsibility of farm. If you are a player of this game and want to play the game with some advantageous than Hay Day Hack Diamonds can help you.

 What is Hay Day Cheats?

This is a generator which will make you able to play the game with lots of excitement. This is an online tool which means you can easily access this by going to the official website. With the help of this, you can get coins and diamonds on a huge amount and this point generally grabs the attention of the players and also force them to use this. This is a safe tool and it can’t harm the device because it doesn’t require downloading. In fact, it also makes the device virus free and doesn’t cover any space in the device.

Hay Day Cheats is an ideal and perfect option which can give you a lot of advantageous while playing the game. There are many other hacking tools available but you should give preference to this tool because it keeps the identity of player secure and give him/her surety.  This hacking generator is free to use and players don’t need to use money for this. In order to play the game with a comfort level, a player should use Hay Day Cheats.

Snapchat: Spy on your girlfriend


Snapchat Hack: Boon To Spy Your Partner

Are you someone who is getting trouble in the relationship due to having doubt on your girlfriend/boyfriend? If yes, then you are on the right place because we will provide you the best information to alleviate this issue instantly. The only way to resolve this issue is to spy your lover. There are many spying tools available online but you have to install them in your partner’s Smartphone which is the really hard thing to do. On the other hand, if you try hacking already existing social networking applications then this will be much better. Snapchat is the most used application which can be used in sending pictures, uploading stories and chat. Even a user is capable of doing video call. It is much better to use this Snapchat hacking tool because this will help you get inside your partner account.


Things to know about

First of all, you have to decide your aim of hacking someone’s account because hacking is not a joke. You must have a reason and if you are doing this for fun then try own account. There are lots of things which you need to know about the Snapchat hack. This is an online working tool which is developed by hackers. They have added some of the features for security and some for compatibility of the user. There can be many reasons to hack an account including privacy issue. Make sure you don’t leak any of the personal or images. Lots of people have their nudes and some other pictures which they save in Snapchat. The results can be harmful to leaking someone information.


Why Everyone Want To Hack Snapchat?

The common reason among youngsters is the trust issue between lovers, couples and some people want to do this thing to shock their friends. I have also used this tool but the reason behind using this tool was to recover my account. Those people who can’t login to their account due to any issue can try this method. The only thing they have to do is to use Snapchat to get back their password. If you are worrying that this thing may lead to the worst situation like getting disable to recover account then don’t worry because nothing will happen like this.


What’s More?

The only thing which can help you know more about Snapchat hack is reviews of other users. If you check these reviews then you will get to know about security and some of the tips other used. The first tip for a beginner is to use incognito mode because this will double the security. The proxy will encrypt data and this mode in your browser will do the same. On the other hand, you can help others also. The advice for everyone is to review about this tool if you feel satisfied with it. This thing is really helpful to others. Around 95% of users are satisfied by this tool but only a few people have reviews about it.

My Top 10 Games of 2007 for the Nintendo DS!

I love my Nintendo DS lite, so I decided to share my top ten game picks for 2007! They aren’t based on just coming out this year, but by how much I played them and liked them this year.
10. Thrillville: Off the Rails

This game might be a bit simple for some, but I liked it. Think of a very basic version of Sim Theme Park. Except in this game, you can play the carnival games you have in your park and set records on various levels of difficulty. You can also earn “thrill points” for achieving certain goals in your park. This barely made my list, but I had so much fun with just the skeeball horse races and the mini golf that I decided to tack it on anyway.

9. New York Time Crosswords

This is a great game for anyone who likes crosswords that aren’t oversimplified puzzles that anyone can solve. There are different puzzles available, like daily puzzles or quick puzzles. You write in the letters with your stylus on the touch screen. The downside is that occasionally your letters will have to be re-written a couple times for it to actually recognize your letter. You can also only save one puzzle of each type at a time. Even with those little cons, it’s still a great game.

8. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

I did a full review on this game earlier in the year, so I will keep this one short. It’s fun, and playable in the form of lots of mini games. The downside to this game is that it can be beaten very quickly. It does have replay value though to try and get game developer top scores.

7. My Word Coach

Being a word nerd (I am a registered member of the National Scrabble Association), I love this game. It rates you on a percentage, and pairs that percentage up with a career level. It has several daily mini games to help broaden your vocabulary. The only downside is it recognizing your handwritten letters in one of the games. That seems to be common for the DS though, and it doesn’t make the game any less enjoyable!

6. Drawn to Life

This is a very simple game, but so much fun. You draw your own character in, which is a great utilization of the touch screen. You then fight through different levels, drawing things in and earning different items along the way.

5. CSI: Dark Motives

I originally played this game on the PC, and was happy to see it come to the DS. The DS version is fantastic. The use of the touch screen is essential in the game. If you enjoy the show, or have even an interest in forensics or crime scenes, I would recommend this game! You will follow a few cases through and work with evidence and scenes in a very engaging way!

4. Cooking Mama 2

I also wrote a full review for this game, so I will keep this short and sweet. It is like Cooking Mama, only much better. It has more replay value, and a ton of different options to keep you playing!

3. Meteos: Disney Magic

If you were a fan of the original Meteos, you will probably like this version. It incorporates different Disney movies and characters into the gameplay. This is something I love to play, and it also appeals to my 15 year old kid sister, and my husband. It’s a great puzzle game for all ages!

2. Puzzle Quest

I have spent far too much time playing this game! If you love RPG games and puzzle games, this is definitely the game for you. You go through gathering quests, and fighting monsters through puzzle games. This may sound easy, but fighting some of the higher level monsters is easier said than done! It’s also incredibly addictive.

1. 1. Clubhouse Games

This was my top game of the year, and the one that got the most playtime. It has a multitude of different card, board, and strategy games all in one. You can play this solo or multi-player over wifi or ds-to-ds (when you are in close range of another friend). You can play in mission mode to unlock things, or just regular game mode. If you want a good number of games in one bundle, I would highly suggest this game!