A complete guide for trading in Simcity BuildIt

Simcity BuildIt, an interesting game among the video game players, has now won the hearts of mobile players as well. A game is all about building a city just like you see in the real world. As a builder, it will be the responsibility of the player to serve their residents with all kinds of services that you see in real world. It is like a real world where you have to construct the city, buy and sell materials, attract customers to live in your residential buildings.

As a builder, you will require manufactured materials, goods and other products to construct buildings. Your society should have parks and schools for children, hospitals, police departments, water tanks and other services so that your residents feel happy and safe in your area. It is game where you can develop organizing skills and trading skills to deal with the other players.

Players feel annoying because of the in-app purchase that is one way to get SimCash. Another way is to sell and buy your goods on the global market. There are thumb rules for trading in SimCity BuildIt.

Thumb rules of trading in Simcity BuildIt by using a Simcity Buildit Hack iOS

Players can sell items once the population of residential zone reaches to 8000. If it reaches to 10000, players can buy items in the global market. Players can also advertise their items for selling them. Other players will see items, and if they are in need of them, then they will buy. If no player is interested in buying your products, then they will sell automatically at a price according to NPC. Players should not spend simcash to clear the queue of products that you had posted for advertisement.

Never sold items manufactured in stores. Only sell the items if they are in surplus. Save the products because you may need them later for up gradation of the building.

If you are buying goods then always buy those which are manufactured at the stores. Look for the store manufactured goods offered by other players.

Deals are often displayed on your mobile screen. In deals, you will be asked to trade for certain items. If you think that deals are worthy then grabbing it otherwise leaves them.

One key point to remember that you can save deals for future use. Click on some other point on the screen instead of clicking on “no thanks.”

Selling and buying guidelines

Never set maximum prices for basic items like steel or wood. In some cases when you will have these products in excess than to get rid of them give them to your friends. Otherwise, in the end, you will have to spend one simcash to get rid of them.

Price table in SimCity BuildIt

Here is the list of all items that player can sell. A player can keep the price of any item as low as $1. Most players keep the average price for their items. Every item in SimCity buildIt has maximum price range up to which a player can sell their product. For example:

Wood- the starting selling price of wood is $15, and it can reach up to a maximum price of $20.

Textile- starting price is $67, and the maximum price goes up to $90.

Vegetables – starts from $120 and can go up to a maximum price of $160.

Sugar and spice- $82 is the starting price, and maximum is $110.

Storage bar- available at the minimum price of $487 and a maximum is $650.

Planks- available at $90 and can reach up to a maximum range of $120.

So, these were the minimum and maximum selling price of few items of Simcity BuildIt. You have to wisely decide whether to sell your products or not and thus you can effectively play the game with the items you need for your city.