How to play Free fire Battleground?

Free fire Battleground is the ultimate battle game which any gamer would love to play. If you are a beginner, then you will need some walkthrough into the game.

How to play the game?

The game starts with the players parachuting on the isolated island and the only way one can survive this is by killing the rest of the people on the island.

There is a time limit of 10 minutes, and the battleground keeps shrinking every minute so you must do everything in the 10minutes until there is no place to run. You must make a wise decision and eliminate the competition.

The characters in the game are different and can be customized according to the wish of the player. Choose the characters wisely with the kind of specifications which you want in your character. You must upgrade your characters as and when you can. Initially, you will not have many characters to choose from, but later in the game when you acquire other characters, you can easily interchange.

You have many weapons to choose from too. Change your weapons whenever you want to shoot depending if the enemy is near or far.

Covers are very important in the game so always stay undercover and hide in ditches and bushes. Crouching and sprinting will minimize the exposure so lesser chance of any attack.

The minimap is very important to locate the area of Safe zone demarcated in white and orange areas where there is gun firing and are dangerous. You can take your chance and go to the dangerous area and kill all the enemies at once. But you can try other way and wait for the players to fight among themselves while you hide and when you find the right opportunity kill all the wounded players.

You must always be well armed for going into the battle. Look for helmets and other armors in the battleground. It reduces damages from the headshots thus keeping you alive. You will need to use a bag pack to collect all the loot items. Also keep a look on hackers, people use hacks from websites such as to cheat the game and ruin other players’ experience.

There are vehicles on the island. You can use jeep as a nice vehicle for moving. The vehicle can be used to kill enemies also. The vehicle makes noise so you must be aware that the opponents do not blow it up. Take small drives across.

The main thing in the game is as a team. Play with your friends and use help whenever needed and share weapons and medical kit to increase survival.