MMORPG- Rohan: Blood Feud

Few free MMORPGs warrant enough attention for me to write about, mainly because free to play MMOs lack the great features of pay to play MMOs, with annoying advertisements that disrupt gameplay. Rohan: Blood Feud is one of the few F2P games that has an interesting weapon system, fun quests, great graphics, and a large community that keeps the players coming back.
There are tons of free MMOs, but most are lacking certain elements or keep the player from enjoying the game without some sort of payment. While I’m aware that the companies need to make money, there seems to be a level of dishonesty in saying a game is F2P when in fact very few features are available as fully free. I may come across as a bit cheap, but I am a pretty ardent believer not paying monthly for an online game, mainly because I don’t want to forget that my card is still getting charged long after I got bored playing.

Rohan exceeds my expectations of a typical free to play MMO; it doesn’t seem like they exclude the non-paying player from features in any way: you are free to go about exploring the area, taking quests at your character’s appropriate level, teaming with other people, and striving for better armor and weapons. It has pretty much everything you want in an MMO. The online community is pleasant enough as well; I didn’t see people getting called noobs all the time, and the guild that I was immediately invited to when I started answers all of my questions with patience and understanding. It was pretty refreshing not to be lambasted just because I was new to the game and didn’t know exactly where everything was.The forging system is one of the most unique I’ve seen in an MMORPG in a while. Whereas other games dictate what you can craft and forge depending on your skill level and if you have the appropriate materials, you can forge your armor or weapons with success. Rohan employs the game of chance, and combing weapons to create more powerful ones only requires gold and a bit of luck. This can either make you very happy or drive you crazy. It’s great when you take a chance to combine two swords to create an even better one, but you can lose those two in the process, so you better have some backup weapons on hand, not to mention the patience to try again.

Graphics have come a long way the past few years, and even F2P MMOs look great. Rohan has a terrific level of detail, especially in the cities. Every race has something of a capital city that captures the culture and heritage of that race. The humans have large, grandiose cities with large white spires and busy markets, half-elves have green and natural cities that harmonize with the forests, and the giant folk have the harsh desert cities.

If you are like me, you are always on the lookout for great F2P MMOs that create a great gaming experience for their players, Rohan is definitely worth checking out; with great graphics, a fun gaming environment, and no cost to you, you’ve got little lose and a lot of fun to gain.