Start Your Own Day Along With The Hay Day Game

All would be so busy with their own work and you won’t find any time for you to sit and relax in your home. Your life had be changed to systematic in that systematic life you can spend some time to hay your field and do farming and this would give freshness to your eyes and to your heart. There are lots of games available for you in the market but only the few games like the hay day would help you to remember all your past life and give you a complete stress free mind. In this game you all would get a chance to become as a farmer and to cultivate all the crops and water them and do harvesting and sell them in the market to get currencies. You can earn lot of different currencies based on your hard work that you had to do in your farm.

  • The main currency in the hay day game is the coins by using those coins you can able to purchase your own buildings and animals.
  • The special currency that you can get through completing your achievements is the diamond and you can use this to open your mystery boxes.

By using these two currencies you can able to cultivate your farm and harvest and develop your farms to the next level.

You can become a good farmer when you do your farming regularly in your field

You can make all your dreams to come true in your farm throw cultivating and you can also grow cow, pig and the chicken in your farm and sell them at good profit. The hay day cheats would call you to the village life where you can able to gain more experience as farmers and your experience would be indicated as the blue stars this star would be helpful for you to move to the next different level easily. You would find some new mystery box randomly in your field and you have to open them by using your diamonds.  You can store all your crops and berries in your silo where its capacity is fifty if you upgrade them you can store seventy five in it.

If you are interested in growing cow then you can grow them in the cow pasture where it can able to hold five cows and the entire cow would produce milk within an hour and you can sell them or you can make dairy products from the milk and sell them in the bakeries. After your harvesting is over then you can clean your farm completely by using the shovel which is used to clean your swamp and make your field ready for the next harvesting. You can plan the crops according to the season so that you would get good growth and can sell your products in the road side shop and produce sugar in your sugar mill by using the sugarcane. Once you started to play your heart and mind won’t allow you to keep your mobile down because hay day is such an interesting game which everyone likes to play.