Things you can do in growtopia

Growtopia is a very dense and vast game so you need to know about certain things in order to proceed. As it is a creative game so you need to know the features properly. In this article, three features of this game are stated.

Three features of this game

Splicing: This is a synonym of crafting in growtopia. In order to create new blocks of different types, you will have to split two varieties of seeds together in order to make or harvest a new tree. So you will have to plant the first seed and then again the other seed on growing sapling. Whenever you will be splicing different kinds of seeds it will help you to bring more varieties and you will get informed for your success. And if it is not possible then you will be notified and you will get the unused second seed. You can categorize the seeds and item into tiers. The tiers are an item which is required for creating new things.

Doors: The doors in growtopia come with four properties. First is the target world. This is used for indicating the destination where the door will take the player. When you will insert a name of your world then it will send a person to the door present in destination world. You will have to provide the ID and the player will go to the place that is having the similar ID. Whenever you will link and ID with the colon it will indicate a particular type of door that belongs to another world. You can use the display label that will help you to customize the things which will be displayed to the people who are standing near the door. So when you don’t want your ID to get public, you can use this one. ID acts as an identifier in this case.

Locks: Locks are the vital part of this game and it is self-explanatory. It is used in order to drive away the players who are trying to manipulate the space or is trying to take the belongings of a player by protecting the world. In default condition, a normal lock will try to protect the area. You can easily alter the area which is under the protection by using ID not empty area choice. In this way, you can create customizable spaces by disconnecting all the locks which are present with its surrounding the other blocks. This enables you to create a shape which you desire. You can also place wall clock in order to grant the permission for access to only particular people to a particular space.

These are the few important things about this game which you should get acquainted with. You need to be very much clever when it is about using a particular option. Strategizing well and having patience is the two keys of surviving till the last in any building game. You can also use the growtopia hack in order to proceed quickly in this game. It will help you to get the access to more gems and rare items by using this option.