Tips for the beginners for playing Bullet force

If you are a beginner then you will need to know everything related to Bullet force. You will have to act like a professional gamer and use your weapons properly. Learn all the skills which you can apply and for that you can also go through several tutorials before you begin. So here in this article, some of the basic tips are mentioned.

Reloading: Reloading of the cartridges is done after one or two kills so always make sure you are reloading the cartridges as quickly as you can and make sure you are staying in a covered area when you are doing it. Whenever you will notice that your enemies coming near you make sure you are running back and you’re reloading in that time and then you will have to attack. Standing at an open position and reloading will give your enemies the opportunity to aim at your head. If the gun is not reloaded then you can also use the knife for killing your opponent.

White Sniper light: Whenever you will notice that a white light is emitted from a weapon then be sure that it is a sniper so make sure you are not standing still at one position or going towards your enemy. Always run in a different direction by using a tactical approach.

Throwable: You will get a lot of throwables which are available in this game like grenades, smoke, shurikens, flashback. You can use the flashback for effectively blinding your enemy for a certain time and during that time you can aim at them and kill them. Extra throwables can be obtained if you use a bullet force hack apk.

Gun extras: You will need a muzzle break if the recoiling of your gun is giving you a hard time. If you want to kill your enemy without drawing their attention then you will need to opt for the silencer.

There will be a certain weapon whose accuracy and firepower will get reduced due to the use of a silencer.

Headshots: Headshots will allow you to easily kill your enemy. If you have a good weapon then it will need one shot otherwise you will have to perform at least two shots for killing them. For a headshot, you will need a good scope so that you can easily aim at their head without missing it. If you are failing to make the headshots then make sure you are using the bullets on their neck first in order to make them kneel down and then perform the headshot.

These are some small tips on this game. In this game you will be using different types of guns so make sure you have a detailed knowledge about each of them. Do not pick the guns hastily and make sure you have knowledge about each of them. You can also use Bullet force cheats in order to proceed in this game quickly. This game is said to have low chances for you to win but if you can implement the right strategies then both survival and winning this game becomes easier.