My Top 10 Games of 2007 for the Nintendo DS!

I love my Nintendo DS lite, so I decided to share my top ten game picks for 2007! They aren’t based on just coming out this year, but by how much I played them and liked them this year.
10. Thrillville: Off the Rails

This game might be a bit simple for some, but I liked it. Think of a very basic version of Sim Theme Park. Except in this game, you can play the carnival games you have in your park and set records on various levels of difficulty. You can also earn “thrill points” for achieving certain goals in your park. This barely made my list, but I had so much fun with just the skeeball horse races and the mini golf that I decided to tack it on anyway.

9. New York Time Crosswords

This is a great game for anyone who likes crosswords that aren’t oversimplified puzzles that anyone can solve. There are different puzzles available, like daily puzzles or quick puzzles. You write in the letters with your stylus on the touch screen. The downside is that occasionally your letters will have to be re-written a couple times for it to actually recognize your letter. You can also only save one puzzle of each type at a time. Even with those little cons, it’s still a great game.

8. Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

I did a full review on this game earlier in the year, so I will keep this one short. It’s fun, and playable in the form of lots of mini games. The downside to this game is that it can be beaten very quickly. It does have replay value though to try and get game developer top scores.

7. My Word Coach

Being a word nerd (I am a registered member of the National Scrabble Association), I love this game. It rates you on a percentage, and pairs that percentage up with a career level. It has several daily mini games to help broaden your vocabulary. The only downside is it recognizing your handwritten letters in one of the games. That seems to be common for the DS though, and it doesn’t make the game any less enjoyable!

6. Drawn to Life

This is a very simple game, but so much fun. You draw your own character in, which is a great utilization of the touch screen. You then fight through different levels, drawing things in and earning different items along the way.

5. CSI: Dark Motives

I originally played this game on the PC, and was happy to see it come to the DS. The DS version is fantastic. The use of the touch screen is essential in the game. If you enjoy the show, or have even an interest in forensics or crime scenes, I would recommend this game! You will follow a few cases through and work with evidence and scenes in a very engaging way!

4. Cooking Mama 2

I also wrote a full review for this game, so I will keep this short and sweet. It is like Cooking Mama, only much better. It has more replay value, and a ton of different options to keep you playing!

3. Meteos: Disney Magic

If you were a fan of the original Meteos, you will probably like this version. It incorporates different Disney movies and characters into the gameplay. This is something I love to play, and it also appeals to my 15 year old kid sister, and my husband. It’s a great puzzle game for all ages!

2. Puzzle Quest

I have spent far too much time playing this game! If you love RPG games and puzzle games, this is definitely the game for you. You go through gathering quests, and fighting monsters through puzzle games. This may sound easy, but fighting some of the higher level monsters is easier said than done! It’s also incredibly addictive.

1. 1. Clubhouse Games

This was my top game of the year, and the one that got the most playtime. It has a multitude of different card, board, and strategy games all in one. You can play this solo or multi-player over wifi or ds-to-ds (when you are in close range of another friend). You can play in mission mode to unlock things, or just regular game mode. If you want a good number of games in one bundle, I would highly suggest this game!